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Who was Lauren J. Melnick?

Lauren was a remarkable woman who left her mark on those she leaves behind in an unprecedented manner.  She is a beloved mother, wife, sister, aunt, daughter and friend to many with a legacy dedicated to caring for family and friends and a determination to find a cure to a horrible illness in metastatic, triple negative breast cancer.


Those who knew Lauren well clearly understood her dedication to her two beautiful daughters, Aliey & Kylie, her husband, Brad and of course her favorite canine friend, Molly.  She adored her entire family in New York, sister Jennifer & brother Chris, her father, Peter and of course all other members of the Green and Becker families. When it came to being a friend, there was nobody like Lauren. She was loyal, supportive and unmatched always lending an ear or a helping hand when needed.


Lauren would be proud of everyone involved with this foundation, pursuing her wish to contribute towards finding a cure for this advanced form of breast cancer.

Kylie's short video on Lauren

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