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I am writing to you today, to help me prove that crying is not the best option.


I don’t cry often, but almost a year ago, one of my best friends lost her mom to breast cancer.   Although I could not really comprehend the devastation to my friend and her family, I cried.   My parents told me I was crying because it was very sad, because someone I cared about was hurting, and because I was being a good friend.


That may all be true.  But it bothered me.  It still bothers me because there has to be a better way to be a good friend than crying.  


That is why today...I am excited and honored to share with you, that as part of my mitzvah project, I am helping to launch Desserts by Lauren.


The Desserts By Lauren Fund ("DBLF") was founded in memory of Lauren J. Melnick who lost her battle to breast cancer in January 2016. DBLF has been established to raise money to support innovative breast cancer research. DBLF resides at Tower Cancer Research Foundation, a 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to transforming the cancer journey through research and support.


For the first time, we will be accepting orders for a limited edition of one of Lauren's favorite desserts, which will be baked with love in New York and California by 4 teenage girls, following Lauren's recipe.  General donations will also be accepted.


Too many people have been affected by breast cancer.  This month, we see football players wearing pink, in honor of breast cancer awareness month.   We have seen friends and family members fight brave battles.  We have cried with them and for them- even when they win those battles.  And while great advances have been made, there is still much more for us to do.   From here to Los Angeles, DBLF will help make those advances, while celebrating a good woman, her beautiful family and one of their passions - which is also one of my passions - baking desserts.


This month, we will be baking "Lauren's Brownies".   Each batch will be approximately a dozen brownies, and we suggest donating $36 per batch to the Tower Cancer Research Foundation in memory of Lauren J Melnick. 

I hope you will consider placing an order, and/or making a donation to help me launch this foundation.

***We can only accept 75 orders at this time.  If you are not one of the first 75 orders, I hope you will consider making a general donation


We expect to make several of Lauren's favorite desserts available throughout 2017 to continue our efforts.

Thank you for your support.

With love,


Stephanie's Bat Mitzvah Project

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